Storypanda publishes interactive children’s books on mobile by connecting thousands of authors and illustrators with millions of young readers.

Storypanda is a well executed learning and story-telling environment that deserves our attention.
~Wired Magazine

Storypanda Books is a collaborative way for families to read together. The latest version is for iPad and is a perfect way to make reading fun and educational by encouraging kids to read, create and share stories.

The Team

We’re a collection of interactive industry veterans who are committed to making a better digital entertainment future
for our families.

Pavel Bains, CEO.

As an experienced interactive business manager, Pavel was responsible for managing the financial operations of Disney Interactive studios and was the CFO/COO of Threewave Software. Pavel is an avid snowboarder and triathlete. He also still carries a Batman obsession from his childhood.


James Chutter, Chief Creative Officer.

As a passionate storyteller James has worked around the world as a writer, director, photographer, creative technologist and creative director. He has helped some of the biggest brands tell their story in new ways, from ABC, to MTV, to Microsoft, to Nike. Oh and he graduated from NYU
and has a Masters in New Media. When he’s not attached to his laptop he’s surfing
or perfecting his downward dog.


Michael Labbé, Product Development Director.

Mike has 15 years in game development, always as an entrepreneur. Mike was the founder of Threewave Software, a premier game studio that was known for bringing innovations to multiplayer gaming. Through Threewave, Mike shipped 20+ million dollar projects on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, iOS. After his neighbour, who had all the best games moved, 5 year old Mike started making his own.


Simon Vieira, Art Director.

Simon creates visual playfulness for illustrations, brand identities and interfaces. He is also a storyteller, motion designer, martial artist, poet, husband and proud father. He has worked on several social games titles including one of the fastest growing games on Facebook. His work has been featured in Applied Arts magazine, 360 Magazine, London International Creative Awards, Logo of the Day, Lovely Package, The Design Inspiration and many others.


Veronica Howes, Designer, Product Analyst.

Veronica is an innovator at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit, always seeking creative solutions to challenging problems. After graduating with Honours from the Sauder School of Business at UBC, Veronica went on to work as a researcher, analyst and marketer. Her most recent work was with a social gaming engine to push games to the top of their category on Facebook. Veronica drives a Jeep, listens to rap music and spends her nights reading classic literature.


Aaron Cox, Platform Engineer.

Aaron made his start in the game industry working as a programmer on AAA multiplayer titles. Turning to his creative side, he then spent three years as a mission designer on a major open world action adventure game. At Storypanda, Aaron supports the content team with editor tools and helps with the tech that drives our books. When he’s not in front of a computer, Aaron can be found at the nearby martial arts academy.

“Ren” Maciej Kowalski, Technical Artist.

Ren is an experienced and multi-talented technical artist having contributed to and refined workflows and pipelines at many gaming and publishing companies. From large corporations to small studios, from multi million projects to small personal endeavours, Ren continues to push the boundaries of art and technology.

Sandra Tirado, Designer.

Sandra is a visual storyteller with a passion for art and design. She obtained a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and specialized at Vancouver Film School in the Digital Design program. At VFS, she took her knowledge for interactive design, motion graphic and illustration to the next level. Sandra is in charge of making sure that all our books are of the highest quality. When she is not reading or painting Sandi can be found volunteering.

Our Investors.

Storypanda is funded by investors in Silicon Valley and other parts of the world. This group of investors has had past successes in businesses like PayPal, Youtube, Google, Blast Radius
and others.

500 Startups, one of the biggest angel investment groups in the world, is an early investor.


Storypanda Enterprises Inc.
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Vancouver, BC
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