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Introducing Storypanda Bundles – all your favorite authors together at last

As the weather gets colder we’re bundling up for the winter. So we thought what better time for us to also start bundling up our apps. With 30+ apps available for download on iTunes we’ve made it easier and way cheaper for you to buy bulk. For the rest of the year we’re offering these […]

No Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou – an interactive Pirate adventure through reading on the iPad

Things are looking and smelling, a little fishy at Seabreezy Library, when the big X on Pirate Pete’s treasure map leads him and his parrot-sidekick Igor to believe buried treasure is hidden at the library, the patrons are quaking in their shoes. But never fear! Library Lou, Seabreezy’s librarian-extraordinaire, is as cool as a cucumber […]

We Are All Characters From Life’s Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Written by Storypanda Art Director, Simon Vieira When we look at our life, when we sit and reflect on all that we have accomplished with our hard, insane, yet full of rewarding work, all we see in our heads are stories. Those dusty, black and white, sometimes coloured, fuzzy memories are just bits of the […]

Storypanda is Part of the 500 Startups Family

We’re proud to announce that we are now part of 500 Startups. It’s hard to believe that we started Storypanda exactly a year ago, after seeing a fundamental shift in the way kids were consuming content. The traditional media companies working in a connected mobile world were just not cutting it. We wanted to influence […]

We’ll be at the Kidscreen Summit this week

We’re making our first trip to the Kidscreen Summit this week. It should be an exciting time and we’re looking forward to all the people we have plans to meet. It’s going to be great to see what some of the big kids media companies are thinking in terms of digital. Stay tuned for our […]

Disney Characters Get Augmented Reality Treatment in Times Square

Disney Characters Get Augmented Reality Treatment in Times Square: We dare you to try not to smile during this.

App Club with sixth grader Thomas Suarez

A great example of kids collaborating to be the creators of technology.

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go – Dr. Seuss

Pavel Bains: What Steve Jobs Means to Me:

My daughter is now 4 and she has been on the Mac since she was 5 months. I guess she was caught up in it’s beautiful design. Both her and my 2 year old are on Apple products throughout most of the day. It could be working on the MacBook, flipping through books and videos […]

Cultural Anthropologist Mimi Ito on Connected Learning, Children, and Digital Media

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