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Storypanda Contest: Win A Free Copy Of Hurricane Lane For Your iPad!

While reading through Hurricane Lane before its release I discovered that every time I looked at the pages I noticed new details I hadn’t seen before. From the light shining through the clouds to the subtle facial expressions of the characters Hurricane Lane intrigues readers again and again. The wonders that the little girl discovers are […]

Hurricane Lane By Michelle Vinall Teaches Kids Of All Ages To See The Wonders In The Everyday

This week we’ve got a story that will warm hearts everywhere. Hurricane Lane by Michelle Vinall is the story of a little girl who learns about the seven wonders of the world at school and is then assigned to find seven in her own life. As she searches for wonders she discovers that many lie […]

Storypanda And VeggieTales Are Teaching Kids How To Tell Time

Our fifth Veggiecational book out today for little ones is called Time for Tom. Available now through Storypanda for $0.99, the storybook app follows Tom Grape through his day from morning until night for 24 hours of fun. For each activity in Tom’s day the clock displays the corresponding time. Eight o’clock means its time […]

Win An Oddsoks Kids Book App For Your iPad From Storypanda And Zara Picken

The Oddsoks are the latest bunch of characters to join Storypanda. If you’ve ever wondered how laundry machines really work here’s your chance to find out; the Oddsoks secretly live behind walls and pedal power washers and dryers! They are also known for their love of socks… specifically mismatched ones. In Where did the Oddsoks […]

The Oddsoks Are Snatching Up Marvellous Matching Socks On The iPad

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for all week, and we know you have been too! The Oddsoks from Alex Everitt and Zara Picken is now available through Storypanda – and only $0.99 today through Sunday March 16th. The adorable story is about a boy named Jimi who loves his fancy socks until they […]

The Oddsoks Are Leaving A Trail Of Mismatched Socks As They Make Their Way To Storypanda

This week we are even more excited to reach Friday because we’re bringing this mischievous creature and all his friends to Storypanda. The characters are aptly titled The Oddsoks because they steal all of the matches to Jimi’s sock pairs. Oh and you should meet Jimi too… Jimi loves all of his marvellous socks. But […]

Storypanda Encourages Kids To Create And Tell Their Own Stories

We love hearing feedback from parents, educators, reviewers and fans about our apps. As reviews come in with each new book we release, the resounding factor in each is our Create feature. In Storypanda’s Create Mode kids can swap in different characters, props, backgrounds and rewrite the text to tell their very own stories. We […]

Storypanda’s Fourth VeggieTales App Teaches Kids Their Shapes With Pa Grape

Pa Grape’s old car has no tires! Luckily with his Robo 2000 New Tire Machine he can make a perfect set of four to fit. But the question is – what shape should his tires be? Kids join Pa Grape on his discovery of all the different shapes in our new VeggieTales Veggiecational storybook app […]

Storypanda Contest: Use Your Imagination To Tame A Cranky Monster!

Monsters are super scary! Especially the ones that hide in closets and under beds. That’s why our new book called The Trouble With Falling Asleep is great for kids with bedtime fears. The book is all about a little boy named Pete who imagines all sorts of terrors filling his bedroom while he is trying […]

Storypanda Partners With Stan Lee’s Kids Universe To Entertain The Next Generation

We’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with the Stan Lee entertainment imprint called Stan Lee’s Kids Universe. The mind behind many iconic comic book characters such as Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk and Spiderman is now using his powers to entertain young kids with books, apps and games. The imprint is a joint endeavour […]