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Introducing Storypanda Bundles – all your favorite authors together at last

As the weather gets colder we’re bundling up for the winter. So we thought what better time for us to also start bundling up our apps. With 30+ apps available for download on iTunes we’ve made it easier and way cheaper for you to buy bulk. For the rest of the year we’re offering these five bundles:

1. Veggiecational Books from VeggieTales 

All five Veggiecational Books to help your kids with the basics like ABCs and 123s

2. Famous Author’s of Children’s Stories 

We got top names like Dallas Clayton and Dani Jones all bundled together, so you can get all your faves together.

3. Best Illustrated Children’s Books 

We pride ourselves on working with the best illustrators working in the industry today. And we have 10 of the best all bundled together.

4. Choose Your Own Adventure Books for Kids 

Remember this style of storytelling? We’ve brought it back to life with these 10 books.

5. Educational Interactive Story Books for Kids 

For everyone who believes that kids learn best through hands on interactivity we’ve grouped these educational books together

Thanks for reading and supporting creativity.

Oh and remember to be connected to a strong Wi-Fi connection, these bundles come with a big file size. Enjoy!

No Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou – an interactive Pirate adventure through reading on the iPad

Things are looking and smelling, a little fishy at Seabreezy Library, when the big X on Pirate Pete’s treasure map leads him and his parrot-sidekick Igor to believe buried treasure is hidden at the library, the patrons are quaking in their shoes. But never fear! Library Lou, Seabreezy’s librarian-extraordinaire, is as cool as a cucumber and knows how to handle a pirate or two.

No Pirates Allowed, our collaboration with Sleeping Bear Press is now live in the iTunes store.

Storypanda Contest: Win A Free Copy Of Hurricane Lane For Your iPad!

While reading through Hurricane Lane before its release I discovered that every time I looked at the pages I noticed new details I hadn’t seen before. From the light shining through the clouds to the subtle facial expressions of the characters Hurricane Lane intrigues readers again and again. The wonders that the little girl discovers are not only revealed in the text but also in Michelle Vinall’s illustrations, in the colours, shading and positioning.

One of my favourite pages is the one above because the symbols drawn on the car window are hauntingly beautiful. We wanted to share the book’s beauty with you through a Storypanda contest. Tell us what symbols you see above and you could win the new book for free.


Contest Dates: April 14th 12:01AM EST to April 25th 11:59PM EST.

Who May Enter: Contest is open to all, worldwide. Limit of one entry per person per day.

To Enter: In the comments below tell us what symbol(s) you see on the car window in the image above.

Prize: 5 random entrants will win a free copy of ‘Hurricane Lane‘ kids app. Prizes will be emailed to winners via promo codes only redeemable for the iPad.

Read, create and share the Hurricane Lane story by downloading it through the App Store.

Hurricane Lane By Michelle Vinall Teaches Kids Of All Ages To See The Wonders In The Everyday

This week we’ve got a story that will warm hearts everywhere. Hurricane Lane by Michelle Vinall is the story of a little girl who learns about the seven wonders of the world at school and is then assigned to find seven in her own life. As she searches for wonders she discovers that many lie right before her eyes, in her baby brother, in the music her father plays, and in the family she loves dearly.

Michelle Vinall is a 2D animator and illustrator based in the UK. Her anime influenced illustrations and beautiful rhymes create a dreamlike story sure to captivate little ones. After reading the story, create your own version by writing in seven wonders from your own life. Just like the little girl you’ll discover the remarkable and captivating moments that happen every day.

Discover everyday wonders in Hurricane Lane on the iPad by downloading it on the App Store.

Storypanda And VeggieTales Are Teaching Kids How To Tell Time

Our fifth Veggiecational book out today for little ones is called Time for Tom. Available now through Storypanda for $0.99, the storybook app follows Tom Grape through his day from morning until night for 24 hours of fun.

For each activity in Tom’s day the clock displays the corresponding time. Eight o’clock means its time to wake up, nine o’clock is the time school starts, 12 noon means lunch time and 7pm is when Tom gets to have a scrub in the tub!

The fun part about this book is in Create where kids can choose from different clock designs on each page. After choosing their favourite clocks kids can write in their own sentences about the time of day, which makes for a whole new way to learn about telling time.

You can get Time for Tom on the iTunes App Store for only $0.99 this Friday, Saturday and Sunday on your iPad.

Win An Oddsoks Kids Book App For Your iPad From Storypanda And Zara Picken

The Oddsoks are the latest bunch of characters to join Storypanda. If you’ve ever wondered how laundry machines really work here’s your chance to find out; the Oddsoks secretly live behind walls and pedal power washers and dryers! They are also known for their love of socks… specifically mismatched ones.

In Where did the Oddsoks go? by Alex Everitt and Zara Picken the mischievous creatures end up stealing all of Jimi’s marvellous sock matches to take on their travels around the world. From beaches to volcanoes to outer space the Oddsoks use the socks in the most bizarre and entertaining ways. We wanted to show you how funny their sock usage is and that’s why we’re running a contest with a twist! Get creative and tell us what you think the Oddsoks drink out of Jimi’s socks in the comments below and you could win a free copy of the book.


Contest Dates: March 24th 12:01AM EST to April 7th 11:59PM EST.

Who May Enter: Contest is open to all, worldwide. Limit of one entry per person per day.

To Enter: In the comments below tell us what you think the Oddsoks drink out of Jimi’s socks.

Prize: 5 random entrants will win a free copy of ‘Where did the Oddsoks go?‘ kids app. Prizes will be emailed to winners via promo codes only redeemable for the iPad.

Hop on board for a wild ride filled with socks in Where did the Oddsoks go?

The Oddsoks Are Snatching Up Marvellous Matching Socks On The iPad

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for all week, and we know you have been too! The Oddsoks from Alex Everitt and Zara Picken is now available through Storypanda – and only $0.99 today through Sunday March 16th.

The adorable story is about a boy named Jimi who loves his fancy socks until they start disappearing! His search reveals the culprits to be a band of mischievous creatures named The Oddsoks. You can join their adventure around the world, and even to space on the new iPad book app for kids and families.

And don’t forget you can create your own version by swapping in your own character and writing a story to match! Just watch and see…

You can read, create and share with The Oddsocks by downloading it on the iPad App Store.

The Oddsoks Are Leaving A Trail Of Mismatched Socks As They Make Their Way To Storypanda

This week we are even more excited to reach Friday because we’re bringing this mischievous creature and all his friends to Storypanda. The characters are aptly titled The Oddsoks because they steal all of the matches to Jimi’s sock pairs. Oh and you should meet Jimi too…

Jimi loves all of his marvellous socks. But one day, he can only find odd socks and no matches. He soon discovers the culprits have taken all his odd socks on an adventure around the world, and even to space!

The story is from Alex Everitt and Zara Picken. Zara Picken is an illustrator based in England who is influenced by mid-century modern design. You can explore her incredible work on Tumblr, Dribbble and Twitter.

You’ll be able to join The Oddsoks on their adventure this Friday, March 14th and discover all the funny ways they use mismatched socks! Stay tuned to Storypanda on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr for the launch details and opening sale.

Storypanda Encourages Kids To Create And Tell Their Own Stories

We love hearing feedback from parents, educators, reviewers and fans about our apps. As reviews come in with each new book we release, the resounding factor in each is our Create feature. In Storypanda’s Create Mode kids can swap in different characters, props, backgrounds and rewrite the text to tell their very own stories. We believe that this kind of creative storytelling helps kids discover more about themselves as they learn and grow. Kids can explore by putting themselves, their friends and their family members right into the story. Or they can even create a whole new set of characters to embark on their original stories. Taking books beyond the act of reading means kids become authors, creators, communicators, and problem solvers armed with the power of storytelling.

Here’s a few tidbits that we’ve heard about our Create feature…

“Kids put their own spin on stories in this inventive storybook app” – Common Sense Media

“My 9 year old had a lot of fun coming up with a new story for this one [Mila & Penn]. I showed her how to do it and then I left her alone to create her own alphabet story. She really got into it and I think her creation was really good!” – Not Quite a Handful

“One of Alex’s favorite things about the app is that you can change the props like the color of Snoopy’s clothes, hats, and interact with Snoopy.” – Keeping Up with the Rheinlander’s

“My kids think this is so cool and you can only imagine what stories a 4, 3, and a 1-year-old have come up with!” – Take it from Me

“My son had so much fun creating his own silly story using family names. He spent over thirty minutes on the app creating his own version. He was so proud of it at the end! He came up with cool jobs, neat story lines and was even able to change Snoopy’s clothes.” – Working Mommy Journal

If you haven’t tried Creating yet, watch how it is done in Mila & Penn’s Amazing Alphabet Adventure below. From magic carpets to ice cream cones, the options are sure to evolve into some pretty incredible stories created by you and your kids.

Explore the Create option with any of our iPad book apps in the Storypanda bookstore

Storypanda’s Fourth VeggieTales App Teaches Kids Their Shapes With Pa Grape

Pa Grape’s old car has no tires! Luckily with his Robo 2000 New Tire Machine he can make a perfect set of four to fit. But the question is – what shape should his tires be? Kids join Pa Grape on his discovery of all the different shapes in our new VeggieTales Veggiecational storybook app called Pa Grape’s Shapes. The interactive experience causes kids to have a laughing good time as each new tire comes out in a funny shape from oval to crescent to rectangular!

The new iPad app features a shape themed Create Mode. Kids can dress Pa Grape in hats and glasses to match each shape… take it from me that triangle glasses and a purple circle themed hat are the way to go!

Pa Grape’s Shapes is the fourth book in our five book series of educational books from VeggieTales. The first three previously released through Storypanda teach kids their letters, colours and numbers. Stay tuned for the last book app all about telling time.

Pa Grape’s Shapes is available on the iPad for $0.99 this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.