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Storypanda Contest: Use Your Imagination To Tame A Cranky Monster!

Monsters are super scary! Especially the ones that hide in closets and under beds. That’s why our new book called The Trouble With Falling Asleep is great for kids with bedtime fears. The book is all about a little boy named Pete who imagines all sorts of terrors filling his bedroom while he is trying to sleep. To fight off the nightmares Pete imagines amazing superhero characters and falls asleep with ease. With the book’s Create options kids can choose their own villains and superheroes on every page to make their own story. Now that’s using one’s imagination!

With all these ways to be imaginative we want to challenge you to whip out your creative skills too. Use your brain power to think of how you would tame this super cranky monster and you could win The Trouble With Falling Asleep for your iPad. Tell us your idea in the comments below. If Pete can do it so can you!


Contest Dates: February 19th 12:01AM EST to February 28th 11:59PM EST.

Who May Enter: Contest is open to all, worldwide. Limit of one entry per person per day.

To Enter: In the comments below tell us how you would tame a monster.

Prize: 5 random entrants will win a free copy of Trouble Falling Asleep iPad app. Prizes will be emailed to winners via promo codes only redeemable for the iPad.

Imagine the possibilities by reading and creating stories with Pete in The Trouble With Falling Asleep

Storypanda Partners With Stan Lee’s Kids Universe To Entertain The Next Generation

We’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with the Stan Lee entertainment imprint called Stan Lee’s Kids Universe. The mind behind many iconic comic book characters such as Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk and Spiderman is now using his powers to entertain young kids with books, apps and games. The imprint is a joint endeavour between Lee’s POW! Entertainment and 1821 Comics.

The Kids Universe aims to entertain young kids with new characters and amazing illustrations. And with Storypanda the Kids Universe will bring the stories to the tech generation of kids through interactive book apps. Entertainment and education reach a new level with interactive elements, animations, sounds and Storypanda’s unique Create Mode. In Create, kids can swap in new characters and elements as well as rewrite the text on every page, making their very own stories.

The first book now available through Storypanda’s mobile publishing platform is Monsters vs. Kittens by author-illustrator Dani Jones. Kids can play with the story in Create by choosing their own kittens and monsters on every page whether it be an orange or brown kitten, or a furry or three eyed monster. The next book from the duo is called Reggie Veggie and teaches kids about the benefits of eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Read the official press release about the partnership on Kidscreen. 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Family With Monsters And Kittens

Today we’ve published the cute, loveable story written and illustrated by Dani Jones titled Monsters vs. Kittens. From the mind of Stan Lee, this book is one of many from the entertainment imprint that is Stan Lee’s Kids Universe.

The book goes through the differences and similarities between monsters and kittens. From their contrasting smells, tastes and size to their shared love of sunshine, tree climbing and napping, kids will be giggling over every page. And with all that roaring and meowing this app will soon be a bedtime favourite.

Since the story centres around friendship we thought it would be the perfect book for Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the holiday, the book has a limited edition Valentine’s bookshelf. All those hearts will get everyone thinking about the day as you sit down as a family to read and create. To create your own story, you can choose from a variety of monsters and kittens on every page to personalize the family reading experience.

Get the Valentine’s Day edition of Monsters vs. Kittens on the iPad for $0.99 this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Storypanda Contest: Win A Kids Book App All About Ice Cream!

COMMENT TO ENTER: What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

PRIZE: 5 winners will receive a free copy of our kids book app called The World’s Greatest Ice Cream.

Ice cream is one of those treats that is a favourite amongst kids and adults alike. To celebrate the release of our new book that happens to be all about the delicious treat, we are giving away 5 free copies to our fans and readers. The story is titled “The World’s Greatest Ice Cream” and it tells the adventure of Bunny One an Bunny Two’s search for, you guessed it, the very best ice cream. The quirky pair is brought to you by comic writer George Sfarnas and is guaranteed to make both parents and kids laugh out loud. To enter tell us your favourite flavour in the comments, and then I suggest you treat yourself to some ice cream. 😀


Contest Dates: January 28th 12:01AM EST to February 9th 11:59PM EST.

Who May Enter: Contest is open to all, worldwide. Limit of one entry per person per day.

To Enter: In the comments below tell us your favourite flavour of ice cream.

Prize: 5 random entrants will win a free copy of The World’s Greatest Ice Cream iPad app. Prizes will be emailed to winners via promo codes only redeemable for the iPad.

You can buy The World’s Greatest Ice Cream from the iPad App Store for $2.99.

The Power Of Imagination Leaves Kids Ready To Fall Asleep In Storypanda’s New Bedtime Story

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the nightmares and fears that can keep kids up at night. Kids with overactive imaginations can think up incredible terrors that could be lurking in the shadows of their rooms. Brooklyn based author-illustrator Michele Rosenthal was inspired by this fear to create a kids book about fighting imagined fears with imagined solutions.

The Trouble With Falling Asleep is a bedtime story about a little boy named Pete who uses his imagination to fight off all the scary things that keep him awake. A thief stands no chance against a police officer and the grumpy neighbour is not so grumpy when his dog is around. The question is… what can Pete imagine to tame the scariest, angriest monster ever?! And how can he sleep in all the commotion?!

Kids and parents can explore the story in Create mode by changing all the characters that Pete imagines. As you swap in new characters try renaming each one to make a story all your own.

Put your kids to bed with the iPad book app titled The Trouble With Falling Asleep.

Learn Your Numbers With Storypanda’s Third VeggieTales Veggiecational Storybook App

Today, we’re excited to show you the third book app in our VeggieTales Veggiecational series that help little ones learn. How Many Veggies by Phil Vischer takes kids on a Veggie filled extravaganza that takes place all on Bob’s tiny boat!

Kids learn their numbers as they count all the Veggies climbing one by one aboard Bob’s ship. “First Mate” Larry narrates the seaside adventure letting kids tap each number to hear it read aloud. The fun doesn’t stop there, in Create Mode kids can change all the Veggie characters on the boat. We had a laughing good time changing all the Veggies to make a boat filled with Laura’s (since you can never have enough carrots)!

Count with your kids from one to ten in How Many Veggies for the iPad. 

Bunny One And Bunny Two Search For The World’s Greatest Ice Cream

Our second book of 2014 is all about ice cream! And not just any ice cream, but The World’s Greatest Ice Cream. From comic strip writer George Sfarnas comes a clever tale of two bunnies’ search for the very best ice cream. Through fields, into holes, down ladders, and across water Bunny One and Bunny Two go an adventure unlike any other.

The iPad book app has extra interactivity that lets kids navigate through the story in a new way. Speech bubbles appear for kids to tap which keeps the bunnies talking and exploring! Both parents and kids will laugh at the odd pair, from Bunny One’s geeky comebacks to Bunny Two’s optimistic exclamations. After you meet the duo help your kids send Bunny One and Bunny Two a silly or funny message on their blog. The bunnies are all ears for anything about ice cream!

Join Bunny One and Bunny Two on their journey to find The World’s Greatest Ice Cream.

Giveaway: Learn Your Letters With An Alphabet Book Package From Storypanda

PRIZE PACKAGE: 3 Alphabet Book Apps including Mila &  Penn’s Alphabet AdventureHungry Harry and Bob and Larry’s ABC’s.

COMMENT TO ENTER: Pick a letter and tell us what it stands for. Example: B is for Balloons!

This week we released Mila & Penn’s Alphabet Adventure on the iPad, which happens to be our third ABC book app to come to Storypanda. The quirky pair of Mila and Penn share their whimsical imaginations through drawings with little learners. Our second ABC book app is called Hungry Harry, which is about a dinosaur who eats his way through every letter of the alphabet, chomping down pinball machines and electric guitars! Last but not least is everyone’s favourite veggie gang. Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber guide kids through the alphabet with rhyming style in Bob and Larry’s ABC’s.

Each ABC book has its own unique flair that will delight the imaginations of little ones while they learn their letters. And with so many fun ways to learn with Storypanda we wanted to giveaway our entire ABC book package!


Contest Dates: January 10th 12:01AM EST to January 20th 11:59PM EST.

Who May Enter: Contest is open to all, worldwide. Limit of one entry per person per day.

To Enter: In the comments below pick a letter and tell us what it stands for. Example: B is for Balloons!

Prize: 3 random winners will win an alphabet book app package made up of one copy each of a) Mila & Penn’s Alphabet Adventure, b) Hungry Harry and c) Bob and Larry’s ABC’s. Prizes will be emailed to winners via promo codes only redeemable for iPad.


Tracy – I is for igoo

Valerie Maples – “D” is for dance!

Veronika – K is for Koala

Mila and Penn Imagine The Alphabet As An Amazing Adventure!

As we kick off 2014 at Storypanda we are excited to make this year one with even more books, talented authors and illustrators and creativity! That’s why we are starting the year with an alphabet book that is nowhere near your typical ABC story. London based illustrator Nicole Tan has imagined and created a unique adventure through words and drawings.

Mila & Penn’s Alphabet Adventure is available on the iPad today for $2.99. The whimsical adventure through letters is led by the quirky duo of a little girl named Mila and a penguin named Penn. Together you explore each letter with fun and unique giggle causing words such as A is for Alien Spaceship, E is for Eggs with legs, and H is for hoverboat!

Join the loveable Mila and Penn on their alphabet adventure by downloading the storybook app on iTunes.

Dallas Clayton’s First Digital Storybook App Comes To Storypanda

One of the names we hear a lot in children’s publishing is Dallas Clayton. From his unique publishing journey to his travels around the world, his unique work inspires kids of all ages to follow their BIG dreams. That’s why we jumped out of our office chairs in joy when we got the opportunity to work with Dallas on a new book. As one of the most celebrated author-illustrators of the 21st century we knew this would be an incredible endeavour.

Dallas Clayton is best known for his Awesome Book series that encourages kids to dream of extraordinary, out of the box things. Dallas’ new book called Dallas The Dinosaur’s Dream Diary is available exclusively on the iPad through Storypanda’s mobile publishing platform.

The feel good story is about a Dinosaur named Dallas who dreams that his birthday party is on the moon. To get to the party he builds a rocket ship, draws a map, and visits strange planets along the way. One planet rains orange juice and one is run by cats. Once Dallas the Dinosaur gets to the moon his family and friends are all waiting with birthday cheer. We guarantee that this book will make you and your kids smile inside and out. :)

Take a dream journey with Dallas the Dinosaur on your iPad tonight.