Bunny One & Bunny Two Are Coming To Storypanda

I fondly remember the amusement I would get as a kid from reading comic books like Betty & Veronica. And I think for many of us comics tie us to a specific feeling or experience that we can still remember when recalling the likes of Dennis the Menace and Peanuts.

At Storypanda we are lucky enough to get to work with a whole bunch of talented authors and illustrators. This means we get to see a variety of art and writing styles. One of our books, set to come out later this year, will be our first from a comic strip writer and illustrator. George Sfarnas creates comic strips about a five year old boy who blogs using voice recognition software over at Being Five. For a weekly dose of insight into the mind of a five year old, including ramblings on girls and Justin Bieber, Like Being Five’s Facebook Page.

George created the characters Bunny One & Bunny Two for his first kids book called The World’s Greatest Ice Cream. The pair go on an adventurous search to find this so called ice cream. I can promise that the book will make you smile and laugh just like the teaser comic above. :)

Stay tuned for The World’s Greatest Ice Cream coming soon to the iPad.

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