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Introducing Storypanda Bundles – all your favorite authors together at last

As the weather gets colder we’re bundling up for the winter. So we thought what better time for us to also start bundling up our apps. With 30+ apps available for download on iTunes we’ve made it easier and way cheaper for you to buy bulk. For the rest of the year we’re offering these […]

Storypanda Teams Up With LitWorld To Provide Free eBooks For Families

Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking with the non-profit literacy organization LitWorld about their goals to teach reading and writing through the use of technology. I was thoroughly engaged and inspired hearing about their new program that aims to close the gap between those who access technology on a daily basis and those […]

Go Back To School With Free Storypanda Books

Back to school means the continuation of learning in lots of new ways for youngsters. And now with the integration of iPads into many classrooms students are presented with a very different experience than we had growing up. Although the platform is different, the learning outcomes still come back to reading and writing. But now, […]

How To Use Storypanda In The Classroom: Lesson Plans

When talking to teachers about using apps in the classroom the most common feedback we get is that they want to use them, but aren’t exactly sure how. As more and more apps come out with different educational benefits we realized that to be truly educational we need to help teachers use these tools effectively. […]

Educational Goes Beyond The App

Every week I hear something about how tablets are being used for educational purposes. iPads are even mandatory in some classrooms. What amazes me is how innate using a tablet is for kids. Last week our CEO brought in his three little girls to the office. I sat with them as they explored my sea of […]

Rhyming Picture Books

While I was talking to teachers and parents about our first rhyming picture book I started thinking about what rhymes add to the reading experience. There are some very famous rhyming picture books out there that I remember reading growing up like Goodnight Moon, Madeline, Green Eggs and Ham, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What […]

Mystery Books Are For Kindergarteners Too

I’m sure most of you remember reading Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys growing up. I know I went through a phase where all I read was Nancy Drew. I would curl up in bed and stay up way past my bedtime because of the tension and anticipation that would build up on every page and […]

Are You Ready For iClassrooms?

Guest post written by Reese Jones. It seems inevitable that classrooms will feature smartphone and tablet technology in their curriculum. But how quickly we allow it to happen, and in what capacity, is up to us. Some think it’s worth allowing into the classroom and some don’t. I’m here to make the argument that taking technology […]

Scratch and Sniff Authors Read To Nearly 100 Students

The duo from RichToons, Richard Clark and Rich Murray, teamed up to read their Storypanda adventure book to a group of primary school students in Toronto last Tuesday, June 18. Their book, Scratch & Sniff: Pet Investigators, was a hit amongst the kids. The story calls for kids to find the clues to solve the […]