Dinotrux Rumble Their Way to Storypanda Books

If there’s anything we’ve learned in our years in children’s publishing is that there’s certain evergreen concepts that are destined to be best sellers. On the top of this list is books about dinosaurs and trucks. So when we where approached to bring Chris Gall’s┬ábeloved Dinotrux franchise to life on the iPad we knew we had a winner.

We’re super proud of the effort that our creative and tech teams have put into Dinotrux. The animations are top notch and we’ve added parallax motion control which gives the story a slight 3-D feel as kids move their iPad up, down and side to side. The explosions and lava flows seem to pop and gurgle right off the iPad frame as kids read about the mythical history of Dinotrux.

As with all Storypanda books kids can create their own version. In Dinotrux little readers can swap in their own onomatopoeias and add fun new sounds to the book. And remember to share a prehistoric postcard at the end of the book to tell your friends about the Dinotrux.

Chris Gall’s Dinotrux is now available on Storypanda Books.

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