Hurricane Lane By Michelle Vinall Teaches Kids Of All Ages To See The Wonders In The Everyday

This week we’ve got a story that will warm hearts everywhere. Hurricane Lane by Michelle Vinall is the story of a little girl who learns about the seven wonders of the world at school and is then assigned to find seven in her own life. As she searches for wonders she discovers that many lie right before her eyes, in her baby brother, in the music her father plays, and in the family she loves dearly.

Michelle Vinall is a 2D animator and illustrator based in the UK. Her anime influenced illustrations and beautiful rhymes create a dreamlike story sure to captivate little ones. After reading the story, create your own version by writing in seven wonders from your own life. Just like the little girl you’ll discover the remarkable and captivating moments that happen every day.

Discover everyday wonders in Hurricane Lane on the iPad by downloading it on the App Store.

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