Introducing Storypanda Bundles – all your favorite authors together at last

As the weather gets colder we’re bundling up for the winter. So we thought what better time for us to also start bundling up our apps. With 30+ apps available for download on iTunes we’ve made it easier and way cheaper for you to buy bulk. For the rest of the year we’re offering these five bundles:

1. Veggiecational Books from VeggieTales 

All five Veggiecational Books to help your kids with the basics like ABCs and 123s

2. Famous Author’s of Children’s Stories 

We got top names like Dallas Clayton and Dani Jones all bundled together, so you can get all your faves together.

3. Best Illustrated Children’s Books 

We pride ourselves on working with the best illustrators working in the industry today. And we have 10 of the best all bundled together.

4. Choose Your Own Adventure Books for Kids 

Remember this style of storytelling? We’ve brought it back to life with these 10 books.

5. Educational Interactive Story Books for Kids 

For everyone who believes that kids learn best through hands on interactivity we’ve grouped these educational books together

Thanks for reading and supporting creativity.

Oh and remember to be connected to a strong Wi-Fi connection, these bundles come with a big file size. Enjoy!

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