Storypanda Encourages Kids To Create And Tell Their Own Stories

We love hearing feedback from parents, educators, reviewers and fans about our apps. As reviews come in with each new book we release, the resounding factor in each is our Create feature. In Storypanda’s Create Mode kids can swap in different characters, props, backgrounds and rewrite the text to tell their very own stories. We believe that this kind of creative storytelling helps kids discover more about themselves as they learn and grow. Kids can explore by putting themselves, their friends and their family members right into the story. Or they can even create a whole new set of characters to embark on their original stories. Taking books beyond the act of reading means kids become authors, creators, communicators, and problem solvers armed with the power of storytelling.

Here’s a few tidbits that we’ve heard about our Create feature…

“Kids put their own spin on stories in this inventive storybook app” – Common Sense Media

“My 9 year old had a lot of fun coming up with a new story for this one [Mila & Penn]. I showed her how to do it and then I left her alone to create her own alphabet story. She really got into it and I think her creation was really good!” – Not Quite a Handful

“One of Alex’s favorite things about the app is that you can change the props like the color of Snoopy’s clothes, hats, and interact with Snoopy.” – Keeping Up with the Rheinlander’s

“My kids think this is so cool and you can only imagine what stories a 4, 3, and a 1-year-old have come up with!” – Take it from Me

“My son had so much fun creating his own silly story using family names. He spent over thirty minutes on the app creating his own version. He was so proud of it at the end! He came up with cool jobs, neat story lines and was even able to change Snoopy’s clothes.” – Working Mommy Journal

If you haven’t tried Creating yet, watch how it is done in Mila & Penn’s Amazing Alphabet Adventure below. From magic carpets to ice cream cones, the options are sure to evolve into some pretty incredible stories created by you and your kids.

Explore the Create option with any of our iPad book apps in the Storypanda bookstore

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