The Oddsoks Are Leaving A Trail Of Mismatched Socks As They Make Their Way To Storypanda

This week we are even more excited to reach Friday because we’re bringing this mischievous creature and all his friends to Storypanda. The characters are aptly titled The Oddsoks because they steal all of the matches to Jimi’s sock pairs. Oh and you should meet Jimi too…

Jimi loves all of his marvellous socks. But one day, he can only find odd socks and no matches. He soon discovers the culprits have taken all his odd socks on an adventure around the world, and even to space!

The story is from Alex Everitt and Zara Picken. Zara Picken is an illustrator based in England who is influenced by mid-century modern design. You can explore her incredible work on Tumblr, Dribbble and Twitter.

You’ll be able to join The Oddsoks on their adventure this Friday, March 14th and discover all the funny ways they use mismatched socks! Stay tuned to Storypanda on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr for the launch details and opening sale.

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