The Oddsoks Are Snatching Up Marvellous Matching Socks On The iPad

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for all week, and we know you have been too! The Oddsoks from Alex Everitt and Zara Picken is now available through Storypanda – and only $0.99 today through Sunday March 16th.

The adorable story is about a boy named Jimi who loves his fancy socks until they start disappearing! His search reveals the culprits to be a band of mischievous creatures named The Oddsoks. You can join their adventure around the world, and even to space on the new iPad book app for kids and families.

And don’t forget you can create your own version by swapping in your own character and writing a story to match! Just watch and see…

You can read, create and share with The Oddsocks by downloading it on the iPad App Store.

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